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 AbstructLoader Loader basic class.
 AnalogSynth Analog "LIKE" Synthesizer
 Arpeggiator Arpeggiator provides monophonic arpeggio pattern sound.
 BasicSynth Basic Synthesizer
 BassSequencer Bass sequencer provides simple monophonic bass line.
 BassSequencerPresetPattern Preset patterns for BassSequencer
 BeatPerMinutes Beat per minutes class, Calculates BPM-releated numbers automatically.
 BPMAnalyzer BPMAnalyzer analyzes beat per minute value of music
 ByteArrayExt Extended ByteArray, png image serialize, IFF chunk structure, FileReference operations.
 Chord Chord class.
 ChordPad Chord pad provides polyphonic synthesizer controled by chord and rhythm pattern.
 DrumMachine Drum machinie provides independent bass drum, snare drum and hihat symbals tracks.
 DrumMachinePresetPattern Preset patterns for DrumMachine
 DrumMachinePresetVoice Preset voices for DrumMachine, this class can also be synthesizer.
 EffectChain Effector chain class.
 Fader Fader class.
 FFT Fast Fourier Transform module optimized for Flash10.
 FFT_original Fast Fourier Transform module
 FlashSoundPlayer FlashSoundPlayer provides advanced operations of Sound class (in flash media package).
 FlashSoundPlayerEvent FlashSoundPlayerEvent is dispatched by FlashSoundPlayer.
 FMSynth Frequency Modulation Synthesizer
 FMSynthOperator Operator instance of FMSynth
 IFlashSoundOperator Interface class for all flash Sound operating synthesizers
 ISiOPMWaveInterface Interface to set SiOPMWaveBase based classes.
 MDXData MDX data class
 MDXEvent MDX event
 MDXTrack Track of MDX data
 MIDIModule MIDI sound module
 MIDIModuleChannel MIDI sound module channel
 MIDIPlayer MIDI player
 MMLData MML data class.
 MMLEvent MML event.
 MMLExecutor MMLExecutor has MMLSequence and executing pointer.
 MMLParser MML parser class.
 MMLParserSetting Informations for MMLParser
 MMLPlayer MML Player provides sequence sound written by MML, and you can control all tracks during playing sequence.
 MMLSequence Sequence of 1 sound channel.
 MMLSequenceGroup Group of MMLSequences.
 MMLSequencer MMLSequencer is the basic class of a bridges between MMLEvents, sound modules and sound systems.
 MonophonicSynthesizer Monophonic synthesizer class provides single voice synthesizer sounding on the beat.
 MultiTrackSoundObject The MultiTrackSoundObject class is the base class for all objects that can control plural tracks.
 NESSynth Nintendo Entertainment System (Family Computer) Synthesizer
 Note Note object used in PatternSequencer.
 NSFData NSF data class
 PatternSequencer Pattern sequencer class provides simple one track pattern player.
 PCMSample PCM sample loader/saver
 PCMSynth Pulse Code Modulation Synthesizer
 PDXData PDX data class
 PDXDataStorage PDX data storage
 PeakDetector PeakDetector provides wave power peak profiler with bandpass filter.
 PMGuitarSynth Physical Modeling Guitar Synthesizer
 PMLParser PML (Pattern/Primitive Macro Language) parser, this class provides quite simple pattern generator.
 PolyphonicSynthesizer Polyphonic synthesizer class provides synthesizer with multi tracks.
 PresetVoiceLoader synthsizer with SiONPresetVoice
 PSGSynth Programmable Sound Generator Synthesizer
 SamplerSynth Sampler Synthesizer
 Scale Scale class.
 Scaler Pattern generator on scale
 Sequencer The Sequencer class provides simple one track pattern player.
 SiCompositeEffector Composite effector class.
 SiCtrlFilterBase controlable filter base class.
 SiCtrlFilterHighPass controlable HPF.
 SiCtrlFilterLowPass controlable LPF.
 SiEffectAutoPan Stereo auto pan.
 SiEffectBase Effector basic class.
 SiEffectCompressor Compressor.
 SiEffectDistortion Hard Distortion.
 SiEffectDownSampler Down sampler.
 SiEffectEqualiser Stereo 3band equaliser.
 SiEffectModule Effect Module.
 SiEffectSpeakerSimulator Piezoelectric speaker simulator.
 SiEffectStereoChorus Stereo chorus effector.
 SiEffectStereoDelay Stereo long delay effector.
 SiEffectStereoExpander Stereo expander.
 SiEffectStereoReverb Stereo reverb effector.
 SiEffectStream SiON Effector stream.
 SiEffectWaveShaper Stereo wave shaper.
 SiFilterAllPass APF.
 SiFilterBandPass BPF.
 SiFilterBase filters based on RBJ cockbook.
 SiFilterHighBoost High booster.
 SiFilterHighPass HPF.
 SiFilterLowBoost Low booster.
 SiFilterLowPass LPF.
 SiFilterNotch Notch.
 SiFilterPeak Peaking EQ.
 SiFilterVowel Vowel filter, conbination of 6 peaking filters
 SiMMLData SiMML data class.
 SiMMLEnvelopTable Tabel evnelope data.
 SiMMLSequencer The SiMMLSequencer operates SiOPMModule by MML.
 SiMMLSimulatorAPU Nintendo Entertainment System Simulator
 SiMMLSimulatorBase Base class of all module simulators which control "SiMMLTrack" (not SiOPMChannel) to simulate various modules.
 SiMMLSimulatorBaseFM Base class of all FM sound chip simulator
 SiMMLSimulatorDCSG SEGA DCSG simulator
 SiMMLSimulatorFMMA3 YAMAHA YMU762 simulartor
 SiMMLSimulatorFMOPL3 YAMAHA YM3812 simulartor
 SiMMLSimulatorFMOPLL YAMAHA YM2413 simulartor
 SiMMLSimulatorFMOPM YAMAHA YM2151 simulartor
 SiMMLSimulatorFMOPN YAMAHA YM2203 simulator
 SiMMLSimulatorFMOPNA YAMAHA YM2608 simulartor
 SiMMLSimulatorFMSiOPM SiOPM FM sound module simulator
 SiMMLSimulatorGB Nintendo Gameboy simulator
 SiMMLSimulatorKS Physical modeling guitar simulator
 SiMMLSimulatorMA3WaveTable Simulrator of single operaotr sound generator of YAMAHA MA3 waveforms
 SiMMLSimulatorNoise Noise generator simulator
 SiMMLSimulatorPCM PCM sound module simulator
 SiMMLSimulatorPSG Texas Instrments AY-3-8910 simulator
 SiMMLSimulatorPulse Simulator of pulse waveform single operator sound generator
 SiMMLSimulatorRamp Simulator of ramp waveform single operator sound generator
 SiMMLSimulatorSampler Simple sampler simulator
 SiMMLSimulatorSID MOS Tech 8580 SID chip simulator
 SiMMLSimulatorSiOPM Simulator of all SiOPM waveforms single operator sound generator
 SiMMLSimulatorVRC6 KONAMI VRC6 Simulator
 SiMMLSimulatorWT Simulator of custom waveform single operator sound generator
 SiMMLTable table for sequencer
 SiMMLTrack Track is a musical sequence player for one voice.
 SiMMLVoice Voice data.
 SiONData The SiONData class provides musical score (and voice settings) data of SiON.
 SiONDataConverterSMF Standard MIDI File converter
 SiONDriver SiONDriver class provides the driver of SiON's digital signal processor emulator.
 SiONEvent SiON Event class.
 SiONMIDIEvent SiON MIDI Event class.
 SiONPresetVoice Preset voice data.
 SiONSoundFont SiON Sound font class.
 SiONSoundFontContainer SiONSoundFontContainer provides a basic class of swf file that has SiONVoice setting.
 SiONSoundFontLoader Sound font loader.
 SiONTrackEvent SiON Track Event class.
 SiONUtil Utilities for SiON
 SiONVoice SiONVoice class provides all of voice setting parameters of SiON.
 SiOPMChannelBase SiOPM sound channel base class.
 SiOPMChannelFM FM sound channel.
 SiOPMChannelKS Karplus-Strong algorism with FM synth.
 SiOPMChannelParam SiOPM Channel Parameters.
 SiOPMChannelPCM PCM channel
 SiOPMChannelSampler Sampler pad channel.
 SiOPMModule SiOPM sound module
 SiOPMOperator SiOPM operator class.
 SiOPMOperatorParam OPM Parameters.
 SiOPMStream Stream buffer class
 SiOPMTable SiOPM table
 SiOPMWaveBase basic class for SiOPM wave data
 SiOPMWavePCMData PCM data class
 SiOPMWavePCMTable PCM data class
 SiOPMWaveSamplerData SiOPM samplers wave data
 SiOPMWaveSamplerTable SiOPM samplers wave table
 SiOPMWaveTable SiOPM wave table
 SLLint Singly linked list of int.
 SLLNumber Singly linked list of Number.
 SMFData Standard MIDI File class
 SMFEvent SMF event
 SMFExecutor Standard MIDI File executor
 SMFTrack SMF Track chunk
 SoundClass Refer from
 SoundLoader Sound Loader. SoundLoader.setURL() to set loading url, SoundLoader.loadAll() to load all files and SoundLoader.hash to access all loaded files.
 SoundLoaderFileData File Data class for SoundLoader
 SoundObject The SoundObject class is the base class of all objects that operates sounds by SiONDriver.
 SoundObjectContainer The SoundObjectContainer class is the base class for all objects that can serve as sound object containers on the sound list.
 SoundObjectEvent SoundObjectEvent is dispatched by all SoundObjects.
 timer static timer class
 Translator Translator
 VoiceReference Voice reference, basic class of all synthesizers.
 WaveTableSynth Wave Table Synthesizer