Arpeggiator Arpeggiator provides monophonic arpeggio pattern sound.
 BassSequencer Bass sequencer provides simple monophonic bass line.
 ChordPad Chord pad provides polyphonic synthesizer controled by chord and rhythm pattern.
 DrumMachine Drum machinie provides independent bass drum, snare drum and hihat symbals tracks.
 FlashSoundPlayer FlashSoundPlayer provides advanced operations of Sound class (in flash media package).
 MMLPlayer MML Player provides sequence sound written by MML, and you can control all tracks during playing sequence.
 MonophonicSynthesizer Monophonic synthesizer class provides single voice synthesizer sounding on the beat.
 MultiTrackSoundObject The MultiTrackSoundObject class is the base class for all objects that can control plural tracks.
 PatternSequencer Pattern sequencer class provides simple one track pattern player.
 PolyphonicSynthesizer Polyphonic synthesizer class provides synthesizer with multi tracks.
 SoundObject The SoundObject class is the base class of all objects that operates sounds by SiONDriver.
 SoundObjectContainer The SoundObjectContainer class is the base class for all objects that can serve as sound object containers on the sound list.