AnalogSynth Analog "LIKE" Synthesizer
 BasicSynth Basic Synthesizer
 DrumMachinePresetVoice Preset voices for DrumMachine, this class can also be synthesizer.
 FMSynth Frequency Modulation Synthesizer
 FMSynthOperator Operator instance of FMSynth
 IFlashSoundOperator Interface class for all flash Sound operating synthesizers
 NESSynth Nintendo Entertainment System (Family Computer) Synthesizer
 PCMSynth Pulse Code Modulation Synthesizer
 PMGuitarSynth Physical Modeling Guitar Synthesizer
 PresetVoiceLoader synthsizer with SiONPresetVoice
 PSGSynth Programmable Sound Generator Synthesizer
 SamplerSynth Sampler Synthesizer
 VoiceReference Voice reference, basic class of all synthesizers.
 WaveTableSynth Wave Table Synthesizer